As well as custom motorcylce and automotive painting, Phantom Flames can also take care of your bodywork needs. If you need customization, alterations or repairs, be sure to ask. For the longest lasting results, it’s important to take care of the bodywork before beginning the custom painting.

At Phantom Flames, not only will you receive a top-notch, show quality paint job, you will also recieve valuable bodywork to make your bike highly customized. We pay attention to the details and guarantee you will receive perfectly smooth and flawless bodywork with a glass-like finish from Phantom Flames.


  • Welding of Metal & Aluminum
  • Sandblasting, Bead Blasting
  • Shaving, Grinding, Filling
  • Fiberglass Repair, Some Machine Work, Shaving Rivets
  • Modifications & Fittings for Conversion Kits
  • Welding / Filling Tank Seams
  • Repairing Cracked & Splintered Body Parts
  • Pressure Testing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Tank Sealing
  • Chemical Stripping, Undercoating
  • Filling & Welding over Taillight Outlets


An important step of motorcycle customization is undercoating. To provide your bike protection from rust and hard riding, we recommend that the underside of your fender be undercoated. Not only does this protect your investment in a custom bike, it also adds a whole new dimension to the quality of your paint job. Because of the details we provide, both your paint job and your bike will stand out and last long.

We take care of the undercoating after completing your custom paint job and buffing the finished project. This will guarantee that your undercoat is kept free of paint over-spray and buffing compounds. We believe it’s important that the underside of the fenders are as clean and detailed as the exposed side.