Phantom Flames Paint Shop is an expert at all varieties of custom paint and airbrushing design. We specialize in custom airbrushing, graphics, design, signature marble, ghost flames, realistic flames, traditional flames, symmetrical and non-symmetrical flames, logos, illustrations and murals. If you have an idea of what you want, Contact Us and we’ll help you develop a great paint job that fits your budget.

From base coats to artwork to final clear coats, our shop is built to paint motorcycles. We paint Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Victory, Kawasaki and more. We paint hot rod cars and trucks too.


Whatever the artwork you imagine for your custom paint project, we can achieve it for you. Phantom Flames produces immaculate clean smooth veneers from the inside out. Every aspect of the job is completed to perfection and with absolute excellence. We work closely with you from start to finish to make sure your vision comes to life. We use the best materials and design the paint with your budget in mind. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


The detail in our custom motorcycle paintwork speaks volumes. You will notice in our gallery how deep and polished our custom paint finishes are. The clear coat, or protective barrier, over paint is one of the most difficults processes to master. The clear finish on a paint project can make or break the finished work. All of our custom paint jobs include the thickest and most durable clear coat found on the market. This is an added extra included in our process.


At Phantom Flames, we can do a variety of highly custom painting techniques for your bike or hot rod. From pearls, glass and candies to sparkle pearls, large and small flakes, glass and glamor metallics, we can take care of your dream paint job. With a limitless combination choice of pearls, candies, flakes and airbrushing, you can end up with some of the most unbelievable colors you’ve ever seen!


Our shop is not a high production facility. Each paint job gets the attention it needs to give you the very best paint job you can imagine, whether it’s an antique Harley, a chopper or a wild custom. We work with you one-on-one to guarantee you get exactly what you want.